NET RISK WORK objective is to provide a platform for best practices and knowledge exchange on the main natural risks affecting European forests, as well as promote networking at regional and cross-national level facilitating the sharing experience among natural hazards expertise and risk managers, enhancing uptake of innovation and research to decision-making.

Specific objectives of NET RIKS WORK are as follow;

  • Provide a useful understanding and knowledge about the disturbance ecology behind different forest risks (wildfires, storms, avalanches and floods) and the relation with the ecosystem functioning, with the aim of mitigate effects and reduce impacts and damage.
  • Promote networking and knowledge exchange in different forest risks at European level.
  • Identify and share best practices and operational tools and undertake a crosslink risks assessment for a better comprehension on how natural hazards are interacting in a climate change scenario, and what can be used from lessons learnt between regions and other risks experiences.
  • Provide a permanent infrastructure for best practices and tools transfer to end-users on forest risks management and risk disaster reduction strategies throughout permanent regional knowledge repository platforms at local/regional level in specific natural hazards.
  • Promote synergies at European level between regional nodes and with European initiative for improving the use and uptake of research and operational knowledge.

Give continuity to the Risk Facility initiative, started in 2014 (, in order to ensure effective interaction between research, policy and practices around forests risk at European, national and local levels, and according to the aim of the prevention priority 4.