6th to 8th June, 2018 – Solsona & Barcelona (Catalonia)


The NET RISK WORK project was presented on the international conference “Communicating risks in decision support systems”, organized the the SuFORun Project & IUFRO Risk Analysis Unit. NET RISK WORK team has also organized and guided the fieldtrip focused on the wildfire risk management in Catalonia, from a transverse view  “nature – economy –  society”, in order to highlight the main operational challenges and strength brithced between cience and practitioners.

We really thanks to LIFE Montserrat Project, Fire and Rescue Service of Catalonia, European Forest Risk Facility & SURE projectPau Costa Foundat and NET RIKS WORK project team collaboration and for all the interesting discussions and feedbacks with participants from several countries and fields of expertise.

Making closer science tools and practitioners needs is a challenge itself! .. definitely, good risk understanding helps to make proper questions!

Picutres: Eduard Plana & Laura Nikinmaa

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