TASK B – Risk assessment and management operational tools and best practices identification pre-assessment

Reports on tools and best practices on risk planning and management for fire, storms, floods and avalanches
Minutes of the risk information pre-assessment meeting


TASK C – Cross-cutting lessons learned and risk interaction assessment towards improving disaster management cycle

Report per risk assessment; What we have learned and what we can learned from other risks? The case of fire, storms, floods and avalanche risks
Report on risks interactions in a climate change context all across EU. The case of fire, storms, floods and avalanche risks
Proceedings of the 1st Risk knowledge exchange workshop
Proceedings of the 2nd Risk knowledge exchange workshop


TASK D – Development of modular forest risk repository platforms and networks

Report with recommendations and experiences on facilitating cooperation and risk management
Report with the description of the forest risks regional networks developed
Prototype of multi-level risk platform, using social media, expert database and exchange and discussion forum


TASK E – Project publicity

NET RISK WORK Communication Plan
Compilation of dissemination actions outcomes (roll-ups, posters, press releases, articles, presentations, etc.)
Guidelines for improving risk management adapting to future impacts of climate change all across Europe. The case of fire, storms, floods and avalanche risks
Layman’s report