29th January to 1th February 2018 – Barcelona (SPAIN)


This conference aims to focus on the scientific research towards finding solutions for the societal issues of our time. TERRAENVISION promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders that have the same goal, work on the same societal issue, but have different scientific backgrounds. By bringing the people and their knowledge together, we may be able to take the steps towards solutions that can bring our society to a more sustainable situation. In this conference we want to link to International policies such as the sustainable Development Goals, the UN Climate conventions, CAP and COP.

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UK Wildfires Conference 2017 – Wildfire resilience in a UK context

Wildfire resilience in a UK context

7 and 8 of November 2017 – Dorset (UK)



The overall theme of the conference is ‘Wildfire resilience in a UK context’. We will be investigating how to make UK homes, communities and the landscape more wildfire resilient in the future. Climate change predictions suggest that the UK will see more extreme wildfire weather; this conference hopes to make us better prepared should these predictions come true.

Planned Exchange of Experts (EoE Forest) and FRISK related activities

October 2017: EoE Forest between Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. The conversion from mono-culture spruce forests to mixed, un-even aged forest with increased resilience was and is a topic that benefits from exchange of expertise. This EoE is the continuation of and builds on a number of bilateral visits between the participating countries and forest services. Tree species selection, the respective forest management concept, challenges and opportunities will be discussed on sites across the Czech Republic and across all forest ownership types.

Pyrenean Symposium on Snow and Avalanches – V snow and avalanches workshop

Pyrenean Symposium on Snow and Avalanches – V snow and avalanches workshop
Ordino, Andorra.
9th – 11th October 2017


The Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia, Institute of Andorran Studies, Observatory for the Sustainability of Andorra, Meteorological Service of Catalonia and Aran General Council are delighted to announce the holding of a new edition of the Snow and Avalanches Workshop. This workshop will provide a meeting venue for both professionals and non-professionals interested in the study of snow and avalanches. The 2017 edition will be devoted to the following thematic blocks: – Weather forecasting – Snow and hydric resources – Climate change – Avalance forecasting – Avalanche mapping – Avalanche dynamics – Prevention and protection – Safety and mountain activities – Education

Soil degradation Risk Workshop: Practical Guidance for Developing Plans to Manage Soil Degradation Risk in Forestry

PLASENCIA, Cáceres, Spain

28th June 2017


Transnational training workshops aim to exchange know-how about forest risk management between partners and associated partners of the PLURIFOR project.

This soil degradation workshop for the development of plans to manage soil degradation risk intends to gather practical advice and examples to assist PLURIFOR partners in planning and writing the plan itself.

Experts will present real examples on how to proceed at every stage of the plan (prevention, early warning, management of the crisis and rehabilitation). This will provide PLURIFOR partners with the required step-by-step expertise to develop a soil degradation risk management plan.

Furthermore, these experts will be invited to engage with the PLURIFOR partners in the review process of the risk management plans that are produced, thus ensuring a feasible and sound end product, the main output of PLURIFOR.

If you are a forest policy maker, a forest service agent, a forest practitioner or a forest owners associations agent, you are welcome to attend this workshop in order to learn from practical cases covering all steps of a soil degradation risk management plan. You will also be able to exchange your concerns and expectations on soil degradations with experts and with PLURIFOR partners.

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Planned Exchange of Experts (EoE Forest) and FRISK related activities

March 2017: Trans-border training workshop of vegetation fire management, fire effects and determining cause and origin of wildfires. This workshop will train and empower fire managers as well as fire fighters to understand fire better. Location UK-IRL, resource persons and specialists from Germany, South Wales and Catalonia will deliver input.

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