6th to 8th June, 2018 – Solsona & Barcelona (Catalonia)


This international conference will focus on the presentation of models, methods and decision support systems that may be used by public administrators, forest owners and industry for forest management planning in a context of risk and uncertainty.

This conference is co-financed by the SuFoRun international R&D project and is organized by Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC, Spain) and IUFRO unit 4.04.07.

The conference wants to provide a meeting and discussion space on scientific and expert knowledge about risk and uncertainty and methods to include this knowledge in decision support tools. Risk and uncertainty includes topics as climate change, wildfires, storms, avalanches … The conference has the following specific objectives;

  • Understanding the impacts of climate change and different hazards in forestry
  • Presenting results of modeling risk and uncertainty
  • Underlying uncertain factors in forest decision-making process
  • Presenting tools for identifying, propagating and analysisng uncertanity in forestry
  • Understanding the implications of integrating risks in forestry
  • Presenting useful approaches to communicate risks and uncertainty with stakeholders
  • Presenting approaches and tools to deal with risk

The agenda includes sessions with key note speakers as well as presentations from other researchers. The conference starts in Solsona 6th of June (full day conference), followed by a fieldtrip on the 7th of June which will serve to analyze the case of wildfires in the region. After the fieldtrip participants will travel to Barcelona where will overnight and the 8th of June the last day of the conference will take place. An active participation of the invited attendants is expected.


Preliminary agenda and event’s detailed information 


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