Summary: A real success story on social empowerment through municipal institutions, involving population from the begining to arise risk awareness and consolidate the shared responsibilities across society. 

Summary: A detailed review and analisis of the human factor begind the wildfire risk in the NW regions of Spain. How human have been relating with landscapes and fire as a natural element of management, can  help to understand the roots of present problems beyond simplistics trends and precognized behaviours.

Summary: Similary to the consolidated concept of the UK “Flood groups”, as a stakeholders agrupation for facing common problems and strenghening the participation for solutions building and sharing responsibilities, in this case it is presented the “wildfire groups in UK”. A nice real example on how to involve society as a part of the solution instead of  part of the problem. 

Summary: Presentation of two relevant examples of  local Civil Protection Volunteer Associations, working for social involvement and risk cultyure building up, through participatory process and new technologies supports. From the theory to the end users, lessons learned and gaps to overcome.