NET RISK WORK kick-off Meeting

February 2017. Barcelona, Spain. NET RISK WORK project Kick-off Meeting. Two days working meeting of the NET RISK WORK consortium held in Barcelona at the EFIMED facilities in Sant Pau Recinete Modernista, to sart up the project NET RISK WORK. We have had a strong quorum covering all the natural hazards analized through the project, by means of each project partner and its expert knowledge.

A pleasure new working programme with EFI and FVA german collagues, EPLFM reasearch french institution, Civil Protection from Sardinnia, Pau Costa Foundation and Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia.


Spanish National Civil Protection annual meeting

January 2017. Madrid, Spain. Net Risk Work project has been presented in the annual Civil Protection meeting held in Madrid, in order to transfer the lessons learned on the EU DG-ECHO funded projects management. All participants could share experiences on this specific call and exchange needs and opportunities to increase the capacity to face the risk management challenges along EU region on the up-coming years.

DG-ECHO kick-off meeting 2016 Prev & Prep selected projects

January 18th, 2017. Brussels. The project Networking for the European Forest Risk Facility initiative (NET RISK WORK) was presented officially at the DG-ECHO facilities, as one of the 26 projects funded by the call 2016 on projects on preparedness and prevention projects in civil protection and marine pollution under the European Union Civil Protection.

During the meeting, the attendants could visit the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and meet other researcher and professionals working in the field of hazards and civil protection interests.